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Insulation and privacy

Garage Doors

Garage doors provide vehicles with protection and security and protect them from the erratic weather in Singapore. In many models, our garage doors are available and offer the long lasting reliability that you would demand from a well-built door. In Singapore, our doors are made for measurement and come with several choices, including electrical motorisation and sensors for proximity. The shutters can be tailored to any operational requirements and have been used for condominium entrances, carpark development, landed property, and much more. For more details about our garage door solutions, talk to our team.

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Insulation and privacy


Aluminum garage doors are a lightweight, secure and fast-moving alternative to conventional garage doors, thus protecting the elements against corrosion.

Our garage doors provide protection and shelter from the weather and dust for your beloved vehicles. In an overhead cabinet, the door rolls compactly, leaving plenty of room in and out of your garage. The sleek and sophisticated look of your home and garage will easily blend in and complement the facade and interior.

When you are out or at home, keep your cars secured. The shutter door serves as a physical obstacle to potential criminals and a noticeable deterrent that makes potential robbers think twice before they even come to your garage.


The door frame’s built-in safety sensor that stops and retracts the door automatically to an open position when foreign objects are detected in the doorway prevents the door from shutting on your beloved vehicles.


On hot days, keep your car cool and protect the exterior and interior from deteriorating over time and rotting under the influence of the sun.


Weather protection

Defence against ambient impact on your vehicles and any foreign objects that may be picked up by a powerful wind.


Space-saving design

The door works vertically, allowing you to park right next to the door and optimise the area in your garage and on the driveway without any swing-out action.


Remote automation

You will have the comfort and convenience of opening and closing your garage door from the inside of your car with a pocket remote control as usual.

Garage Doors

Design Specifications

Naturally, aluminium is more corrosive-resistant than steel. They are also suitable for applications close to the sea shore, as salt and humidity appear to decrease the life of steel shutters. Aluminum shutters are thinner than the same-sized steel shutters.

Our aluminium slats are heat-treated with T5 and have an anti-deflection rib profile, making sure they are solid and durable. With protruding and receding ends that easily slip together, our aluminium slats are well-designed. As a result, unlike what is usually seen with steel hoods, they are remarkably rigid with no sag or waviness.

To obtain our unique EPDM bottom weather seal, the bottom slats are 1 mm thick, 77 mm pitch and 18.9 mm wide, and have a dovetailed profile.

The guide rails are 4 mm thick heavy-duty extruded profiles with a total depth of 110 mm and a width of 40 mm with a rear strength box section. To obtain the poly seals that hold away dust and ensure silent activity, the guide profiles have internal grooves.

The heavy-duty shutter hood is manufactured as extruded aluminium laths of 8 mm nominal thickness and 92 mm height. The profiles have protruding and receding ends, allowing the laths to slip together easily. With no sag or waviness, this renders the external hood highly rigid. Sitting on the periphery of the end plates is the mask.


The components that are subject to the main loading are the main support bracket plates and are therefore constructed according to the size of the shutter. To obtain and protect the shaft of the barrel or main roller, cast iron bearing blocks are manufactured on the end plates.

Depending on the height and duration of the shutter, the barrels or main rollers consist of ERW pipe parts with diameters and thicknesses. The barrel, when subjected to the UDL of the slat curtain, is selected to have a maximum deflection of 0.8 mm per metre duration. One side of the barrel carries a welded shaft assembly, as garage doors are generally driven by tubular motors, while the other is ready to receive the tubular motor.

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