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Perforated Roller Shutters

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About Perforated Roller Shutters

When you want protection without losing the elegance of your store front, perforated shutters are a perfect choice to adorn your shopfront. They give your company and merchandise greater visibility while providing protection, ventilation and the flow of natural light. They can be powered manually or electrically, and are suitable for grocery stores, food courts, halls, community centres and community clubs in particular.

Our perforated shutter doors provide outstanding ventilation while retaining a high degree of protection. It allows for proper visibility and light transmission, thus preventing harmful objects such as cigarette butts and pests from accessing your premises.

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The door can be controlled or motor-driven manually. For smaller openings, the manual push-up is suitable and does not require a power supply. In the event of power loss, the powered motor comes with a manual over-ride hand chain for urgent activity.

With a fully enclosed configuration, the motor is adequately sized. The motor has a high starting torque, a built-in gear box and a heat protector built-in. The engine gearbox has an integrated centrifugal velocity regulator that ensures protection in the event of a free fall. An infinite hand chain is given for manual operation from the ground level in the case of power failure. To set the upper and lower limits for the movement of the curtain, adjustable limit switches are used.

Powder coat finishes

To show the identity of your company and add a decorative feature to the inside and exterior of the building or retail shop, your door has a wide range of colour choices available.

Wind resistance

Reduce up to around 50 percent of the wind-load forces applied on the door across the total perforated surface area.

Anti-rain option available

To stop wind-driven rain infiltration while allowing full airflow through your property, our revolutionary anti-rain slat has a reverse groove feature.

Optimum airflow

In damp, cramped conditions, fresh air and ventilation minimise air pollution, bad odours, and the potential for mould formation.

Our Roller Shutters

Design Specifications

The laths are made of superior steel zincalume coils pierced with perforated holes spaced at 3 mm with a diameter of 2.5 mm, which are rolled into 75 mm laths. With their edges cut-off, the slats have a strengthened interlocking profile to lock the axial movements (end).

The basic guide rails are cold-rolled to a ‘U’-shaped profile using a 3 mm thick galvanized steel coil. For opening widths of less than 3.5 m, sizes range from 60 mm to 36 mm, and for wider shutters, 90 mm to 36 mm. PVC weather strips can be supplied with optional heavy duty 3 mm thick aluminium guide rails that are 75 mm by 75 mm as an alternative.

The bottom bar is a ‘L’ shaped aluminum profile consisting of 60 mm high and 60 mm wide heavy duty extruded aluminum alloy. To obtain the PVC weather-seal, the base of the bar has dovetail grooves.

The shutter box consists of two heavy-duty steel endplates, 4 mm to 7 mm thick, depending on the size of the shutter; fused together by means of five 50 mm x 25 mm hollow steel parts, finished in black primer. The end plates are welded to attach the shutter box to the building frame using two 50 mm x 50 mm x 4.5 mm thick steel angles with slotted sealing holes.

The barrel is made of a heavy-duty seamless steel pipe, welded as per the size of the shutter, with axles from 35 mm diameter to 50 mm diameter. With heavy duty closed roller bearings, this barrel is mounted to the right and left endplates.

The shutter box covers are made of steel sheets of 0.8 mm thick zincalume, with the edges folded to provide stiffness.

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