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Slide and Fold Shutters

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Slide and Fold Shutters

Our Slide and Fold shutters are the ideal option for opening shop fronts with curved or complex contours. This unique device incorporates a sliding and folding mechanism with several door panels and offers immense flexibility for wide openings. The door appears, when closed, to be a wall of beautiful panels. The wall practically disappears when opened, leaving an unobstructed, clean gap.

They are an elegant and fashionable bi-fold shutter that works like a curtain that shows the company in all its splendour when completely drawn and at the close of business shields it just enough to engage customers visually. An unobtrusive exterior to the shopfront.

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Our Slide and Fold shutters


The door is hand-operated manually. Single parting on one side or bi-parting on either side of the opening may be the door. It is an alternative to the conventional drop-down shutter that is flexible and design-friendly. Its use is restricted to your imagination only. They are located in shopping centres, schools , hospitals, hotels, kiosks, counter tops, restaurants, condominiums, clubs, international private housing, and so on.

They can be produced at a maximum height of 4.0 metres, but the width of the shutter is limitless. It can be removed from the centre or opened at one end of the store. The closets can be placed on either side of your shop or tucked away in an obscure corner to contain the shutter. The shutter enclosure may be curved, waved, or the whole shop may be encircled.

Any bending and complex contours that would otherwise require many roller shutters of varying widths to cover can be accommodated by our Slide and Fold door.


Our highly graded polycarbonate vision panels provide greater resistance to darkening and discoloration, offering a clear crystal view that lasts.


Instead of the bottom floor track, the door uses the top hang system. Cleaning a shop floor and removing the possibility of dust and dirt being trapped by it.


In-fill Transparent Poly-carbonate panels come with the doors. The choice for customers is to use perforated panels or a combination of both.


These doors are beautiful, functional, and complement the design of your store with a simple and effective design.


Space-saving design

The door requires minimum headroom and can be folded compactly into a narrow pocket compartment of about 10% to 18% of the width of the opening.


Powder Coated Finish

With the choice to powder coat to the colour that enhances your business, the standard finish is natural anodised.



The door uses a method of flush bolt locking consisting of a main lock at 2 m intervals with key and twist-locks. The main lock can be unlocked from inside and outside with a key, while the twist lock works from inside the shop enclosure.

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